Sidnei da Silva wrote:
Hi Christian(s)!

I know most people dislike <Program Files>. I do too! But it's the
closest we have to a 'standard' place for installing applications.

It's not the 'standard'. To name a few examples, all of Python, Lotus Notes and, perhaps most tellingly, IIS and Microsoft's other server offerings, don't install themselves in Program Files, they create their own top level directory.

As bad as it is, I too don't like <Documents and Settings>\<username>,
but that's the closest we have from $HOME.

Please god no. Again, from the above examples, Notes stores its data in C:\Notes\data and IIS in C:\inetpub\wwwroot, I think that's ample precedent for C:\Zope\instancex...

As noted, you have the choice at install time to change the default
directory if you wish. We are just presenting the user with 'sane

They're not sane, even by Microsoft's judgement ;-)

Some more questions:

- what's the difference between a Full and Compact installation?

- what's the process going to be to get these releases onto
  (I'm quite happy to do this manually if needed ;-) )

Many thanks for your work on this, though!



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