Christopher Lozinski <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I keep getting these negative email messages.   Here is the most
> recent example.
>> I think you should stop dreaming and face the reality. There is
>> almost 
> nobody interested of the developer community in ZClasses.. I have no
> idea what your >goal is with your ongoing ZClasses're on
> siding and there is no way back.
> My goal is to deliver maintain and expand the software my business
> needs to run.   In particular I am looking for a very very fast
> development environment, so whatever changes a client needs, I can
> make right away.  So I literally do not understand why people think
> ZClasses are dead.   Let me go through the possible reasons.  The last
> one is the real reason I think.

I think most of us are probably actually trying to save you the pain
we've gone through in the past.  

I know when I first started I think I had a lot of the same motives for
wanting to use ZClasses and as such disregarded the warnings I recieved
presuming my case was different.  But it's hard to convey to someone who
hasn't experienced the pain of ZCLasses and who hasn't experienced the
grace and speed of filesystem development with Zope and so it was hard
for me to understand until I tried it myself.

Months into my ZClass application, I ended up rewriting on the
filesystem and once I started to do so, *everything* was *so much
better*.  And that was when ZClasses were much better supported!

I think I understand your insistence and the motives behind it but
having no way to psychically transmit my experience, I can only say I'm
nearly certain your project and any future projects will do much
better on the filesystem.


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