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3. There is no one to maintain ZClasses
Again not true, I need to do it for my own interests.   I am at the point
where I want to upgrade ZClasses

You're telling us that for years...submit code, human resources or money
in order to keep ZClasses alive.

You may have a legitimate in ZClasses just because of your business needs are as they are. Also as Martin Aspeli pointed out there might be some need in the Zope world for *something* ZClass-like. In the current Zope world
we have better alternatives to get easy things implemented more easily ->
see GROK which is a really good example how to turn the Zope 3 into an easy-to-use system!

Once again: you have a vision...that's good. However most of us don't share
your vision when it comes to the implementation detail called "ZClasses". If you want something better it is up to you to get ZClassesNG or whatever it would be called started. However the current ZClasses implementation isn't suitable for bigger projects as indicated multiple times.

I am not negative because you talk about ZClasses but about that you're talking (and complaining) about ZClasses and their state since years
without contributing anything to ZClasses. This makes you just implausible
to me.


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