Martijn Faassen wrote:
Zope 3 is a bunch of technologies for building (web) applications in the form of an integrate set of Python libraries.

Let's call those the "Zope Libraries". Because by now we have far more than just the ones that came from exploding Zope 3 (e.g. all the ones from the 'z3c' namespace).

There are different web application frameworks that make use of these Zope 3 technologies:

* Zope 2

* the Zope 3 web application server (which needs another name in my opinion, as it's too confusing with "Zope 3 the set of libraries")

Why not calling it by the name of the *single* package that implements it, That's where everything that makes Zope 3 is implemented:

- traversal semantics, such as the look up of views
- security (by applying security proxies)
- transaction integration

* Grok

* potentially others

The Zope project aims to develop the underlying technologies and the web application servers on top of it. When you get "Zope" you get it in one of the above web application framework flavors.

It's hardly a perfect story. To simply matters for myself, I'm focusing on marketing Grok, and in strong association with this, the Zope 3 technologies that Grok would be nothing without. The advantage of calling it something else than "Zope" is that you don't get caught up in the identity crisis so much.

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