Thanks for pointing this out. I think I need to work on a script
to generate the textfiles for the externals in Zope 2 automatically
from the KGS :->

Happy x-mas,

--On 23. Dezember 2007 22:17:10 +0100 Philipp von Weitershausen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Andreas Jung wrote:
--On 18. Dezember 2007 21:53:55 +0100 Hanno Schlichting

Andreas Jung wrote:
the Zope 2.11 beta phase has been delayed for while. The reason for
holding but the release was Philipps and Hannos work on the


branch. Unfortunately both can't work (lack of personal time) on the
branch and finish it in the feature. So I propose to release Zope 2.11
beta 1
by the end of the year w/o this branch. Zope 2.11 would contain the
Zope 3.4 and ZODB 3.8 with blob support as major new features.

Objections? Thoughts?

+1 btw. Is there an ETA for beta1?

During x-mas and new year..likely around December 29th. If you need some
more days, let me know but I would like to push the beta 1 release asap.

Note that doing a beta isn't just releasing the branch as it is. You
should update all externals to the current 3.4.x releases of the
individual eggs as well. The KGS [1] maintained by Stephan Richter
provides you with a list of the most recent releases (except that the
latest ZODB 3.8.0 candidate [2] isn't in it, apparently)

Also please be careful not to add or remove packages arbitrarily from the
externals. If I remember correctly, a while back somebody just copied the
externals from the Zope 3 tree to Zope 2 and added a bunch of
not-releasable software to Zope 2 and removed other stuff in the process.


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