On our fairly busy site (http://cnx.org) we're seeing in the logs some instances of an error in Shared.DC.ZRDB.DA::

  Module None, line 97, in search_form_handler
- <FSPythonScript at /plone/search_form_handler used for /plone/content>
    - Line 97
Module Products.RhaptosRepository.Repository, line 537, in searchRepository
   Module Products.RhaptosRepository.VersionFolder, line 456, in search
   Module Products.RhaptosModuleStorage.ZSQLFile, line 44, in __call__
   Module Shared.DC.ZRDB.DA, line 492, in __call__
    - <ExtZSQLMethod at /plone/portal_moduledb/20071212233625.240206723892>
   Module Shared.DC.ZRDB.DA, line 393, in _cached_result
KeyError: ("\nSELECT p.*\nFROM persons p\nwhere\n p.firstname ~* req('href='::text)\n or\n p.surname ~* req('href='::text)\n or\n p.fullname ~* req('href='::text)\n or \n p.personid ~* ('^'||req('href='::text)||'$')\n or\n p.email ~* (req('href='::text)||'.*@')\n\n", 0, 'devrep')

This is trying to remove a key from the ZSQL cache to shrink it down to size, but doesn't find the key. From Shared.DC.ZRDB.DA._cached_result:

        # if the cache is too big, we purge entries from it
        if len(cache) >= max_cache:
            # We also hoover out any stale entries, as we're
            # already doing cache minimisation.
            # 'keys' is ordered, so we purge the oldest results
            # until the cache is small enough and there are no
            # stale entries in it
            while keys and (len(keys) >= max_cache or keys[0] < t):
                del tcache[key]
                del cache[q]           # <===== line 393, with the error
                del keys[0]

It looks a lot like:
but we have that fix in our Zope 2.9.8:

Perhaps it is another high-load leak? I don't think it can be multiple threads doing cleanup at the same time, unless maybe there's a transaction commit in there somewhere I don't know about.

Or maybe I'm running into the problem described in the big comment at the end?::

   # When a ZSQL method is handled by one ZPublisher thread twice in
   # less time than it takes for time.time() to return a different
   # value, the SQL generated is different, then this code will leak
   # an entry in 'cache' for each time the ZSQL method generates
   # different SQL until time.time() returns a different value.
   # On Linux, you would need an extremely fast machine under extremely
   # high load, making this extremely unlikely. On Windows, this is a
   # little more likely, but still unlikely to be a problem.
   # If it does become a problem, the values of the tcache mapping
   # need to be turned into sets of cache keys rather than a single
   # cache key.

Would it be unsafe to toss a try/except around the del cache[q] bit on the theory that it's already deleted, so, hey, why fail? It'd be really nice to keep this off of users, even with it if does cause a bit of a leak.

I'll probably be setting up some logging to try and characterize this further, but anybody have any clues?



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