J Cameron Cooper wrote:
I had hoped it was simply missing the fix, too, but no dice. Now, I can't guarantee that the fix in question has remained working since it was checked in, but the release code looks much like the the patch.

Not sure what you mean...

Last time I looked at this I fixed the then Zope 2 trunk, so any current released version of Zope 2 will have this problems fixed as far as I could go...

Not sure about the try/except, would be better to nail why the key isn't there...

I agree, of course, but these do end up being user visible, and a workaround, as long as it's not going to cause worse things, would be nice.

Well, it is of course up to you what you do in your own code base, but I'd prefer to nail them properly ;-)

Something like the original workaround in the bug might be in order http://launchpadlibrarian.net/9460742/Zope-2.8.6-cached-result.patch

Hmm, can't remember enough to sensibly comment on why that might be bad ;-) Did I comment in the issue?

Yes, indeed. I did notice that the test you mention in:


doesn't seem to exist, at least in my version.

Well, it's certainly on trunk:
...so I'd suggest it's in any release where the work I did has been included ;-)

I haven't yet inserted anything in production (I get funny looks at the suggestion) but we'll be trying to cause it in a development system soon.

I'd love to know how you plan to generate that much load in a development environment ;-)



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