Chris Withers wrote:
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J Cameron Cooper wrote:
but we have that fix in our Zope 2.9.8:

Are you absolutely sure you're using a version of Zope with my patches included?

Yes; I've checked both version (this went in for 2.9.6) and for that specific code. You can even see some of it in the excerpt in the original message, which I pasted straight from our production Zope.

I had hoped it was simply missing the fix, too, but no dice. Now, I can't guarantee that the fix in question has remained working since it was checked in, but the release code looks much like the the patch.

Perhaps it is another high-load leak? I don't think it can be multiple threads doing cleanup at the same time, unless maybe there's a transaction commit in there somewhere I don't know about.

I'm afraid it's long enough ago that this code was touched that I can't really comment on this bit :-S

Or maybe I'm running into the problem described in the big comment at the end?::

Don't think so, this describes a leak, not a cause of exceptions...

Would it be unsafe to toss a try/except around the del cache[q] bit on the theory that it's already deleted, so, hey, why fail? It'd be really nice to keep this off of users, even with it if does cause a bit of a leak.

Not sure about the try/except, would be better to nail why the key isn't there...

I agree, of course, but these do end up being user visible, and a workaround, as long as it's not going to cause worse things, would be nice.

Something like the original workaround in the bug might be in order for me (rather than a try/except) until the real fix is found.

I don't imagine it can cause more than cache bloat, and we restart enough that that shouldn't kill us.

Best bet is to start trying to reproduce this in a unit test, which can be pretty hard :-S

Yes, indeed. I did notice that the test you mention in:

doesn't seem to exist, at least in my version.

I'll probably be setting up some logging to try and characterize this further,

Any results from this?

I haven't yet inserted anything in production (I get funny looks at the suggestion) but we'll be trying to cause it in a development system soon.



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