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On Tue, Feb 19, 2008 at 12:43 PM, Jim Fulton <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
This only applies to Zope3 developers and people using the Zope 3 ZMI.

I'm trying to get rid of ThreadedAsync.  zope.app.server uses it to
cause the asyncore main loop to stop as part of the server-control

There are no tests for this afaict. Trying this throigh the web,
shutdown seems to work, but not restart.  (It looks like restart
doesn't work because the exit status os only used to exit the loop. It
isn't used in the call to sys.exit.)

I propose, at least, to remove this untested functionality from

I'd be for removing it from zope.app.twisted, if it is there, and for
removing the UI from zope.app.applicationcontrol.


Does this mean you remove the possibility to shutdown or restart a
Zope3 server from the ZMI?


That is a quite practical thing to be able to do, especially when you
don't know with what user the server has been started with so you
can't stop or restart it from the command line...

It can't be that useful since restart doesn't work and no one bothered to write a test for this functionality.

The run-time information tab provides the pid, so shutting down from the command line should be straightforward.


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