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Christian Theune wrote:
> Hi,
> Martijn Faassen schrieb:
>> Christian Zagrodnick wrote:
>>> On 2008-02-18 11:20:05 +0100, Christian Theune <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> said:
>>>> Launchpad started the beta tests for their mailing list offers. A 
>>>> while ago we discussed this option for future hosting of the mailing 
>>>> lists.
>>>> The current implementation has the restriction that the mailing lists 
>>>> can not be hosted using custom domains (@zope.org).
>>> IMHO when migrating mailing lists the addresses should not change.
>> I agree. I'm all for outsourcing the hosting of our mailing list, but I 
>> think it'd be a bad idea to change all the email addresses. It'll break 
>> people's settings, possibly break various archives, and so on. I think 
>> you should let them know that this this is important for us.
> I'll update them to say we'll wait until we can use our own domain.

Can somebody please actually make the case for this, before we decide?
Here are a couple of things I don't know about the plan:

 - What ongoing costs (bandwidth, mostly) are we incurring (covered by
   ZC, probably) to run the mailman out of our own hardware.

 - Will existing administrators and moderators be able to continue
   working with lists as easily as currently (preferably, they shouldn't
   even notice the change).

 - Will any URLs (list archives, info pages, whatever) break?

 - Will we be able to create new lists as easily (or more) as we can

 - What will the "switching costs" be in both directions?

 - Are there other advantages we should consider?

All this derives from my sense that moving our issue collectors to
Launchpad has been only a very minor win:

 - Mail-in resoponses are the best feature.

 - The Launchpad folks have added the 'full transcript" feature we

 - However, thg content is no longer "ours" in terms of URL space.

 - We are subject to maintenance windoes which are not under our
   control (having the content go offline completely for hours at a pop,
   without even degrading to a read-only copy, is a pretty big lose).

 - The "switching cost" problem is still not solved for the collectors,

Note that I'm not bashing the choice to move the collectors:  I do want
us to think harder about going further down that path, however.

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