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Marcello Bax wrote:
> Hello,
> I compiled Python 2.4.4 on AIX 5.3, with cc_r compiler, installed 
> Zope-2.9.8and
> Plone-2.5.1.
> Everything seems work well, excepted when I call Plone on the browser or
> click on the "view tab" inside one Plone site at the ZMI.
> When I do this, I get a "Segmentation fault" on the server.
> Can anyone help me with this issue?
> Are there many AIX and Zope box running Plone?
> I found this text in  at Zope-2.9/doc/PLATFORMS/AIX.txt :
> "from Wolfgang Roesner (reporting segfaults and a fix)
>   The default stack size for a pthread on AIX (at least in my
>   configuration) is 96kB. On Solaris it's 1M. As soon as I explicitly
>   set the initial stack size to 1M the problem went away and it
>   appears as if Zope is up and running.
>   Unfortunately I really had to change "thread_pthread.h" in Python
>   which obviously is not a nice thing to do as I now have a need for
>   my own private version of Python. But at least I have a running
>   version of Zope on AIX."
> Is this really something to try?

Yes.  If the 'configure' script for Python has an option to bump the
stack size, that would be better, but patching the Python sources to
increase the stack size is a reasonable workaround, which used to be
required (IIRC) on FreeBSD, too.

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