Tres Seaver wrote:
I'd like to rip out the old Interface module from the 2.11 branch and
the trunk, along with all the useless decoys which import it.  THere is
no *good* BBB reason to keep them around:  anybody still depending on
them in A.G. 2008 needs to switch over, anyway.

Objections?  I'll fix the CMF breakage myself, but the Plone folks are
going to have to revisit lots of grotty bits.

I'm +1 on doing it on trunk, but -1 for 2.11. Zope 2.11 is already in late beta and only needs a Zope 3.4 final to be released.

From a Plone perspective I would like to keep 2.11 as compatible with 2.10 as it is right now, so we have an easy upgrade path for supporting blobs and getting the latest Zope libraries without breaking anything else. This would allow us Plone folks to use Zope 2.11 for one of the next minor feature update releases, say Plone 3.2 for example.

Ripping out the Interface module would make it impossible for us to use 2.11 in any 3.x release of Plone.


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