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I'd like to rip out the old Interface module from the 2.11 branch and
the trunk, along with all the useless decoys which import it.  THere is
no *good* BBB reason to keep them around:  anybody still depending on
them in A.G. 2008 needs to switch over, anyway.

Objections?  I'll fix the CMF breakage myself, but the Plone folks are
going to have to revisit lots of grotty bits.
Isn't the policy to deprecate in release N and remove in N+2?

They've been deprecated for five years.

I agree that they've been deprecated for years, so that shouldn't need to hold anything up. That said, the consensus seems to be to only remove them from the trunk, as Zope 2.11 in a stabilization phase. Removing them from the trunk means at least progress.



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