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What does this mean?
The locale extraction is now a part of a recipe
and not a part of a package itself.

My goal is to remove the dependencies in the
z3c.recipe.i18n, because right now it uses the
base implementation in which makes
it depend on the hole zope namepsace. Because of
the overall zope.* dependenc in

Actually, there is lovely.receipe:i18n which provides i18n extraction. Does z3c.recipe.i18n something else or why is there yet another i18n recipe?

The best option whould be to split
into usefull packages. The not so good optipon whould
be to copy over the relevant classes and scripts to
the recipe and skip the dependency to

I also started to use the recipe in z3c.locales
and zam.locales. Take a look at this package for
a real usecase.

What do you think? Should we switch the locale extraction
to that concept for the zope.* packages too or not?

Exctaction should be in a recipe, of course. But I'm also advocating for having the translations in the package and having one domain per package. `

One drawback of this, is that it will be a pain for translators to gather and update translations, unless a tool is provided. Currently with only one file, there is already few languages. It's much more efficient for translators to work on one single big file than a lot of small ones.

It will also prevent from using one same translation at different places, and identical messages will have to be translated several times, with the risk of not being consistent across packages. Unless everything is done by one person, using a translation memory.

It seems obvious and logical to split the translation domains, but we need to provide a tool such as
that will allow
- the package developer to submit a new POT file (by mail, upload, or anything)
- translators to quickly see what need to be done and submit updated POs

Ideally, the recipe i18n tool should be able to extract, merge, and give stats, just like in the monolithic zope release.


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