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Laurence Rowe wrote:
We'll have to stick with scoped sesssions because of threading, but the engine as local utility pattern should still work.

Session = scoped_session(sessionmaker(bind=LookupEngine('my-engine')...))
engine = EngineUtility(url='sqlite:///')
provideUtility(engine, IConnectable, 'my-engine') # but normally a local utility registration

from myapplication import Session
session = Session()

Here one still needs to instantiate the session each time you use it. Couldn't you simply do:

... [what you had]
session = Session()

# myapplication/foo.py
from myapplication import session

or wouldn't that be possible?

One (perhaps the only) advantage I can see with looking up the scoped session as a utility is that it gives the integrator control over whether to use one or two phase commit, as this is set in the session configuration. Normally one would prefer one-phase commit as it is faster, but if an integrator arranged for two applications to be modified in a single transaction she would want to configure two-phase commit.

How common would it be that the integrator would do this without the code itself needing to be changed for other reasons then too? A WSGI setup, perhaps?

I imagine we could arrange something where we allow both. Provide the engine as local utility scenario, but let people register sessions as local utilities should they want to.



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