Martijn Faassen wrote:

Laurence Rowe wrote:
See pypi or the readme for details, but briefly usage is something like:

    >>> engine = create_engine('sqlite:///')
    >>> Session = scoped_session(sessionmaker(
    ... bind=engine, transactional=True, autoflush=True,
    ... extension=ZopeTransactionExtension()))
    >>> session = Session()
    >>> transaction.commit()

One thing I understood from Christian Theune is that with scoped sessions, explicit is not always necessary. Since I see it being used here, could you perhaps comment on this?

Registering a mapper with Session.mapper would work with this extension, but I'm reluctant to recommend it for two reasons: I don't know how it works with the declarative plugin; and it necessarily limits mapped classes to a single Session and therefor a single engine. In a zope context I think it's quite likely that you could have the same classes mapped to different databases (i.e. two instances of a single application).

This is great news, also for megrok.rdb, which we started to develop at the Grokkerdam sprint.

I read somewhere on one of the blog planets that you had discussed container implementations. Any more information/code about this? I'm quite hopeful that Zope 2.12 will let us share much more code now that Acquisition is being tamed.


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