Interesting post. I am still not sure to what level I'll look to Google for app infrastructure. Seems to me there are too many restrictions on what you'd really be able to deploy and then you're stuck with married to what they've got for better or worse. On the other hand, Stripping zope to the minimum has certainly been an eye opener and certainly beneficial to get to a bare bones idea of what you could run with (with or without Google) though. Many thanks for sharing your efforts on this.


Kapil Thangavelu wrote:
perhaps too late to help with the sprints, but i got zope3 running on
app engine last week and, and blogged about to

most of isn't useable due to persistence or containment and
security proxies, but page templates and the publisher work. some
fairly minor but pervasive changes (removing some deprecations/bbb
code) were needed, and to have space (1000 file limit) to actually
develop an application requires stripping the eggs of text and tests.
i ended up using the publisher support in zope.publisher (3.5.1+)
instead of ore.wsgiapp or lovely.nozodb as it presents a much more
minimal dependency set.

i'd like to see if i can get some form machinery going underneat the
1000 file limit, and publish a starter tarball for folks interested.

i'm uncertain long term what's viable, as their were a number of
changes needed, and how best to maintain them. if their suitable for
upstream into the zope repository, or just done again for separate
releases as gae variant of z3.



On 5/22/08, Jodok Batlogg <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

 Next week Lovely will be sprinting in New York/San Francisco to get the
Zope3 framework and the first applications running on Google AppEngine.
You're welcome to join us.
 Google AppEngine is a perfect match to the transition we at Lovely Systems
made during the last 12 month in "stealth mode".
 We're using heavily WSGI and are replacing ZODB within most of our
 Tomorrow we're leaving to New York visiting our friend reco. dobee and I
will be working on getting the component architecture running on AppEngine.
 Later next week we'll fly to San Francisco to attend Google I/O and get
even more insight to the technology.
 We're open to release lovely.nozodb and the related components in near
future, as usual - just some polishing missing…
 Please drop me a note ([EMAIL PROTECTED], batlogg on skype/AIM) or
give me a call (+43 664 9636963) if you want to join us.

 Lovely Systems, Partner

 phone: +43 5572 908060, fax: +43 5572 908060-77
 Schmelzhütterstraße 26a, 6850 Dornbirn, Austria
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