Am Freitag, 23. Mai 2008 18:19 schrieb David Pratt:
> Hi Jodok. I had looked at storm a while back but the zope integration
> seemed to lack any relationship with zope schemas.  I guess it is
> possible to define a zope schema that is not persisted and create the
> tables from it. It did not seem to me a good way of using CA. How are
> you managing this part of things.
> I Haven't worked with bigtable yet myself but assume the transactional
> semantics would be a challenge since I am not sure how quickly the data
> gets to the storage. This is interesting stuff in any case.

Very interesting, indeed. Does this mean that one can basically create classes 
that inherit from some class like persistent.Persistent and data is then 
simply stored in a RDB instead of ZODB?

What I'm curious is how transactions are managed; I currently use SQLAlchemy, 
but it seems that transactions are managed on the RDB-level only, which means 
that the object state is not in the transaction scope.

Another issue is data migration, which requires changes in the database model 
(altering tables etc.), so this might be also quite challenging.

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