Previously Malthe Borch wrote:
> Chris McDonough wrote:
> > I've been working on a new web framework named (provisionally) repoze.bfg.
> This looks very interesting; I'd be curious to see if this could be 
> useful for Vudo. I'd like it very much if Vudo could sit on top of a 
> more general framework (not just the Zope 3 libraries).
> Early on, the idea was that this could be Grok, but it quickly turned 
> out that Grok makes too many assumptions for our use.
> I recently pasted a basic Pylons application and it gives you something 
> that I think would be attractive in a Zope/Vudo/Bfg-based setup: A 
> canonical directory structure, e.g.
> ./templates
> ./routers
> ./config

templates - page templates
controllers - the pylons-version of views. sort-of.
config - everything related to the appplication configuration
lib - all our utilities
models - data models
public - static web content


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