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Brandon Craig Rhodes wrote:
Do I sound on-target, or like I'm missing something?

I think there is definite room for improvement. Before you write anything new though, you should explore z3c.pagelet. We started discussing integrating this approach into Grok, also at the Grokkerdam sprint.

There are a few open issues concerning z3c.pagelet integration:

* we need to make sure that it becomes dirt-simple to configure using Grok.

* we need to make this work smoothly with grok.View somehow; ideally grok.View will become pagelets without breaking backwards compatibility.

* I for one need to internalize the details. I got it when Christian Theune explained it at the Grokkerdam sprint, but now things are fuzzy again. :)

Vudo is interesting but fairly experimental at this stage, while z3c.pagelet have been used in production at various locations, so I think this is a better bet at early integration into Grok. That's not to stop further explorations on Vudo's part - I'm sure there is room for improvement beyond pagelets.



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