Hey Stephan,

Thanks for doing all the work on KGS and the Zope 3.4.0 release.

There are unfortunately a few things in this process that have me somewhat confused. I hope we can work out a way to clarify the process for 3.4.x and helping to clarify the process for 3.5.x.

Firstly, could you add release dates to this page please?


I know that 3.4.0c1 was the latest release from january 31st until at least may, when we moved Grok over to that list. Then rather silently and somewhat suddenly I find out there have been 4 more release candidate releases. What is driving these changes? There's a changelog now I saw you mention, where should I look?

Here I was thinking Grok was synched up to the latest and greatest 3.4.x since its latest 0.13 release, but this is now not the case anymore. We had c1 which lasted so long that I had started to treat it as the final.

We have been in release candidate space for Zope 3.4 for a very long time; since january 31th. Do we really need 5 release candidates over a period of half a year? Would we really have been harmed if we'd released 3.4.0 final in, say, february, and were now doing 3.4.x releases?

What's the current plan for the final? What are the conditions that need to be reached to make a final release?



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