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On Friday 01 August 2008, Christophe Combelles wrote:
Did you miss the CHANGES.txt in zope.release ? We have two histories now.

Nope, but that file tracks the package -- source code -- changes of zope.release.

I wanted a separate file that tracks the changes to the controlled-packages.cfg file.

In my understanding, there is almost no source code in 'zope.release', since it has been moved into 'zope.kgs'. So there should be very few entries in CHANGES.txt, and I'm not sure there is a real interest in having two separate files. In my opinion, it adds confusion, people are more used to maintain CHANGES.txt. The other problem is there is no tag for c1, c2, c3 and c4. I thought zope.release was meant to represent the release number of zope.

I would tend to:
- create a tag for all missing candidates
- merge KGS-HISTORY.txt into CHANGES.txt and recover missing information from published control-packages.cfg


How did you choose the 3.4.0c5 version? I mean, where does the "5" come

We have been doing c* KGS releases all along. See

I just have not bothered updating the Zope3 tree, making packages and announcements. It just costs too much time. Unless Marius or someone else signs up for producing TAR ball releases and announces them, I will only create a TAR ball and announcement for Zope 3.4.0 final.


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