Martijn Faassen a écrit :
Benji York wrote:
I also have inclinations to clean up the tests that don't fail, but have
other downsides (random confusing output to stderr, not supporting
layer teardown).  I don't consider them to be release blockers, but I
think these would be nice to have in a 3.4.0 final.

3.4.0 is already at rc5, right?  If so, I'd be disinclined to do
pure refactor-y type things to it.

Agreed. I think we should just declare a 3.4.0 at this point. Perfection is nice but we'll never reach it anyway, and it's been a stable base for development for half a year now, so we have quite a bit of validation.

Let's start considering 3.4.1 and 3.5. If we get into a habit of releases once every few months (at least bugfix releases) there is less of a reason to hold off on release until things are perfect.

We should at least include all the existing bugfix releases, because there are some important ones. We don't need it to be called rc6, but 3.4.0 directly.

3.4.0c6 (unreleased)

- Upgraded zope.publisher to 3.4.3.
- Upgraded to 3.4.2. Removed previous versions,
  as they are not compatible with >= 3.5.4
- Upgraded to 3.5.5
- Upgraded zope.testing 3.5.1 to 3.5.4.
- Upgraded zc.buildout 1.0.0 to 1.1.1.

What are we doing for the changelog of zope.release? Should we finally merge KGS-HISTORY.txt into CHANGES.txt or leave both files as is ?




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