Tres Seaver wrote:
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> Martijn Faassen wrote:
>> -1 to removing it. There is actually code out there that explicitly 
>> relies on versions of packages that can only be found in this place. Now 
>> of course that should be fixed, but even if it was fixed, that doesn't 
>> mean we should make older versions uninstallable.
> Anybody who really needs such an egg should be competent to rebuild it
> from SVN (since the revision ID or tag is implied by the name), and
> should certainly be willing to host that egg in a private index /
> location for their project:  in fact, they should take this discussion
> as notice to copy the egg to such a location *now*.

I disagree.

If we released a version of Grok, say, back in the day that relied on an 
egg that's in that location, and someone built an application back in 
the day that relies on that version of Grok, and then they wrote a nice 
INSTALL.txt that said to the sysadmin how to install that application, 
it'll break. That sysadmin won't be competent enough and certainly won't 
be following this discussion. That old location was not great release 
management by the Zope project. Just removing it is really really bad 
release management by the Zope project.



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