Martijn Faassen wrote:
> If we released a version of Grok, say, back in the day that relied on an 
> egg that's in that location, and someone built an application back in 
> the day that relies on that version of Grok, and then they wrote a nice 
> INSTALL.txt that said to the sysadmin how to install that application, 
> it'll break. 

I call "tough luck" on that.
The world moves on, stuff degrades and eventually stops working. is reaching such a time ;-)
The red-herring effect outweighs what you're talking about.

It also goes to show that apps should really be bundled as source 
installations or have their own private egg repositories if you want 
them to be installable forever. What happens when PyPI goes away in 
favour of the-next-great-thing?

If you're more paranoid, apps should be built as VM images that don't 
even rely on egg downloads ;-)



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