Hey Gary,

Very cool to be hearing from the Launchpad project!

Am I correct in that lazr.delegates implements a form of the decorator 
pattern? If so it'd be good if the documentation mentioned this somewhere.

I know that Launchpad's use of Zope 3 has been evolving in its own 
direction for a while, and it'd be interesting to learn more about how. 
I'd like Zope to be informed by Launchpad's experiences.

Things I know from hearing a thing or two over the last years is that 
Launchpad uses a relational database as its backend, with at least Storm 
planned for this (whether the transition has been completed, I don't 
know). I also know that template designers have various convenience 
adapters available to them within ZPT. There must be much more, however.

I'd also like to know which Zope 3 libraries Launchpad currently uses 
(and what versions), and whether any libraries have been replaced or 
forked, and so on.



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