Andreas Jung wrote:
>> It's a shame Jim has so little time to spend on this...
> Take your hat and collect some money for hiring Jim :-)

Zope Corp chose to assume the Zope brand for themselves, given the 
prevelence of Zope 2 and RestrictedPython, it'd be nice if they could 
devote some of Jim's time to this...

>> One thing that myself and Shane talked briefly about on this list was
>> re-implementing the AST manipulation as dissallow-by-default filter
>> rather than a straight manipulation. That way, unexpected stuff should
>> be allowed by default. That feels like it might be a lot safer when it
>> comes to python version changes, but I must admit, I haven't looked
>> closely enough to give a definitive answer...
> You know the difference between fiction and the reality. We have RP
> now and have to deal with it within a reasonable amount of time.

I don't think this is such a huge change, it's a change in the style of 
what RP does already, not a complete re-implementation...


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