While you guys are moving zope.app.container to zope.container and
those cleaning many dependencies, I'd also like to clean intid/catalog
related stuff. The whole thing consists of three main packages that
can be cleaned:

 * zope.app.keyreference - it doesn't depend on any ZMI or container
stuff, it's just a simple package defining the IKeyReference interface
and implementing it for persistent objects. I'd like to rename the
package to just zope.keyreference (and making z.a.keyreference depend
on it).

 * zope.app.intid - this one depends on container stuff, because of
events and also defines some ZMI views. The events are not a problem
anymore, because we have zope.container now, but the ZMI stuff
requires zope.app.publisher (though it's not in direct requirements
for some reason). I'd like to move all stuff except browser pages to
the zope.intid package.

 * zope.app.catalog - pretty the same story as zope.app.intid, but it
also uses zope.app.form's auto-form-directives. I'd like to move the
non-ZMI code to plain zope.catalog.

However, it's still not clear to me what should we do with old imports
and pickled objects (there are "over 9000" of them in case of
key-references). I'd like to make non-deprecated backward-compatibilty
imports in the old places until we have a generic and easy-to-use tool
for "touching" ZODB objects.


WBR, Dan Korostelev
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