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> While you guys are moving zope.app.container to zope.container and
> those cleaning many dependencies, I'd also like to clean intid/catalog
> related stuff. The whole thing consists of three main packages that
> can be cleaned:
>  * zope.app.keyreference - it doesn't depend on any ZMI or container
> stuff, it's just a simple package defining the IKeyReference interface
> and implementing it for persistent objects. I'd like to rename the
> package to just zope.keyreference (and making z.a.keyreference depend
> on it).
>  * zope.app.intid - this one depends on container stuff, because of
> events and also defines some ZMI views. The events are not a problem
> anymore, because we have zope.container now, but the ZMI stuff
> requires zope.app.publisher (though it's not in direct requirements
> for some reason). I'd like to move all stuff except browser pages to
> the zope.intid package.
>  * zope.app.catalog - pretty the same story as zope.app.intid, but it
> also uses zope.app.form's auto-form-directives. I'd like to move the
> non-ZMI code to plain zope.catalog.
> However, it's still not clear to me what should we do with old imports
> and pickled objects (there are "over 9000" of them in case of
> key-references). I'd like to make non-deprecated backward-compatibilty
> imports in the old places until we have a generic and easy-to-use tool
> for "touching" ZODB objects.

Thanks for picking those up. The suggestions are pretty much like what
we've been following: split out the non-ZMI parts from zope.app.* into
zope.* packages.

WRT the ZODB issues: I've started working on a 'touch' tool for ZODB
that analyzes (pickle-based) storages for class references which are
missing in your code base and (if all class references exist) can touch
all objects that reference classes from indirect imports.

Just a note: Martijn and I are currently trying to stabilize the zope.*
trunks to get releases out. I think we should try to avoid stepping on
each others toes here.


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