2009/1/31 Martijn Faassen <faas...@startifact.com>:
> Dan Korostelev wrote:
>> Well, I chose packages that are kind of separated from most of "zope
>> the application" packages, because there aren't many packages that
>> depend on either zope.app.catalog or zope.app.intid/keyreference. So I
>> think we can do that work at the same time. However, it may be better
>> to wait for zope.container to be released before starting working on
>> intid and catalog?
> I think it's fine to start the work, but on a branch if you want to
> check in, or if you want to check into their trunks, please wait until
> we let you know we're done (later today).
> We're going to do a lot of releases today as we touched a lot of
> packages and without releases many buildouts are currently broken
> (unless you basically put all the Zope 3 packages on the 'develop' line,
> which is what z3c.recipe.compattest can do for you, more or less, by
> creating test runners).
> Anyway, so please do your work by all means, but it'd be helpful if you
> could not touch their trunks for the time being.

I already committed a new "zope.keyreference" package that is very
little and it has all its tests pass, so I think it's not a problem.
However, I'll stop now, and won't touch original zope.app.keyreference
until you get your work done.

I'll check out the z3c.recipe.compattest for now:) Good luck with your
great work!

WBR, Dan Korostelev
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