Chris McDonough wrote:
> - discourage the contribution of stop energy (discourage
>   the utterances of "don't", "stop", "this is wrong",

Well, unless it is...

> - focusing on externalizing software; each egg should stand on its own as
>   something that a non-Zope person would be able to understand and use
>   in isolation.  This means documentation for each thing, as well as
>   a sane dependency graph.  This is *less* about giving this collection
>   of software a group name ("the zope framework") and more about
>   making people *forget* that it is a part of some larger thing.  When
>   a piece of software does not have a purpose in isolation but still
>   lives in its own egg, kill it off and merge it back into whatever
>   thing its most closely related to.
> - Stop trying to version control and treat all this software in some
>   overall release.  Let each piece of software have its own life.  Likewise
>   if a piece of software does not have its own life, kill it.

Big yes to both of these, whereby "kill it" I assume Chris means 'merge 
it into the "project egg" where it came from'.


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