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Tres Seaver wrote:
> Actually, we don't need an upgrade path.  We can just leave a
> 'meta.zcml' in zope.component which <includes> the new locations.  That
> file will be *inert*, and doesn't therefore need testing, because none
> of the directive implementations will be present.
> Over time, people can shift to including the new meta.zcml at their
> leisure.  We can leave the redirecting meta.zcml in zope.component
> *forever*, if need be.

It's not just the meta.zcml story, where I can agree we could leave 
something in place, but it's the dependencies in setup.py, right?

If the implementation of the directives lives in zope.componentzcml, any 
codebase that loads any ZCML at all (in its tests especially) is very 
likely to need zope.componentzcml besides zope.component. Or am I 
missing something here?

>> Anyway, this upgrade path needs to be spelled out clearly in the 
>> zope.component CHANGES.txt pointing people in the right direction. We 
>> also need to spell it out in this document:
>> http://svn.zope.org/zope3docs/source/migration/34to35.rst
> Maintaining that document is out of scope for me. ;)

If my above story about the dependencies is right, it is necessary to 
remark this in a central place. We do have framework-wide policies in 
place, and explaining to people how to unbreak their code in a single 
place they can look should be one of them. We do after all have people 
who use a whole bunch of these libraries at the same time. But if you 
can write it clearly in the CHANGES.txt and tell me, I'll add it to that 
document if you can't be bothered.



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