Quick Summary: More committees: -1 Everything else: +lots.

- I like renaming "Zope3, the libraries" to "The Zope Framework". It
makes sense. That part doesn't even need to be official, we can just
start calling it this, and those who doesn't like it can call it Zope3
the libraries, and we'll se who wins. :) Democracy at it's best.

- This renaming only needs to be official we make KGS releases of it.

- KGS releases may be useful (this is for consumers to decide, so it's
really the controllers/releasemanager of Zope2, Zope, Grok, Repoze
that can say if this is needed or not, and not me).

- A steering group for the framework? Euhm? I don't know. I think
release managers are needed, and I think a steering group is going to
grow out of the community. Having an offical steering group tends to
mean that if they don't do anything nothing gets done. It's a bigger
risk that the steering group becomes a speed bump than anything else.
So -1 on that.

So, how to make sure everybody is on the same boat? Well, I think the
Plone Strategic Planning Summit 2008 showed the way there. Lets just
get all relevant parties into one room and talk loudly an wave their
arms around and then go out for beer. Works lurlvely! No steering
committee needed. If we still want more structure, we'll get somebody
to force us to stick colored dots on big papers on the walls. That
whole thing was awesome.

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