Am Montag 02 März 2009 19:34:11 schrieb Tres Seaver:
> Adam GROSZER wrote:
> > I think we need some sort of stering group (or person(s)).
> > Without rules and decisions to follow we're going to end up like headless
> > chicken running around in the kitchen. Noone knows the direction.
> >
> > Yes sometimes radical changes are good. We're also carrying a lot of old
> > baggage around with Zope3.
> > It is lurking around the corner. Like Shane's zope.pipeline, repoze
> > stuff,  etc.
> > BUT at the same we have projects that have to be kept running (and
> > migrated, possibly smoothly)
> >
> > Keeping our packages together at least with a KGS is a must in my
> > opinion. Unless you want yourself to find a working set between the
> > permutations of all required packages versions.
> > Someone releases a new package version and your project just break the
> > next day. That's a nightmare.
> Maybe we need to create something more like self-organizing
> mini-communities around the various packages (or maybe sets).  E.g., I

Isn't that the scenario we currently have? I already see some grouping around 
zope packages, Grok, z3c packages and others. But of course, these groups 
must work together, which will be difficult unless there's something that 
concentrates/coordinates the group's effort to form something bigger.

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