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> Martin Aspeli wrote:
>> Tres Seaver wrote:
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>>> - - How many need *all* of Zope3, including the ZMI?  I'm betting that
>>>   set is much smaller than either of the others?
>> Probably none. So having better dependencies would obviously be good. I 
>> think you still need a KGS of sorts, but you don't need to depend on 
>> *all* of it. :)
> I'm sure that the set is bigger than that.  However, I want to identify
> the critical subset the *everybody* needs, and ensure that we prioritize
> "steering" efforts there:  the other packages can mostly just be left in
> the hands of the disjoint groups that need them.

That critical subset is very small, and it's "zope.interface", which 
Twisted also needs, and only needs.

We can't define the framework by what everybody needs. We can define it 
by what lots of people need. The people with less buy-in into this 
framework will have to care just about the smaller bits of course, but 
the developers as a whole will need to coordinate a larger chunk.

Surrounding that chunk we'll have broader projects that care about even 
bigger chunks, definitely. My goal with the Zope Framework is to 
identify at least one chunk shared between the Zope 3 app server, Zope 2 
and Grok. Other projects use less of it, and I think it's in our 
interests to cut it down to size, but it'll never be cut down to the 
size of zope.interface.

I realize that this is only an approximation of the messy reality, but 
we need an approximation of reality we can all understand to be able to 
communicate about it and work together.



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