Martijn Faassen wrote:
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> Martin Aspeli wrote:
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>> You and I had a discussion a while back about forking the zope.component 
>> ZCML directives, and how it would've been better to work within the 
>> boundaries of the Zope packages so that everyone who wanted to lose the 
>> dependency could benefit, rather than fork this and all 
>> other configuration that depends on the core ZCML directives. 

As I remember it, you scolded me about doing it, then when I did it anyway, it
worked its way over to the Grok list, where any alternate idea other than a
plain fork died on the vine.  That's what I figured was going to happen, so I'm
glad I actually took action.

> The main 
>> reason you had for creating your own package, was the lack of momentum 
>> (and/or stop energy) encountered when trying to do this in the Zope 
>> world. If there was someone who could both consider BFG's needs in a 
>> more objective light, and have the power to actually do something rather 
>> than just bicker, then maybe we could've gone a different route on that 
>> one. With more and more dependency untangling happening, I am pretty 
>> sure this same situation is going to come up again.
> Yes, this is a very good example of why Chris should be in favor of 
> leadership for the Zope Framework. The Grok project would've appreciated 
> such improvements right there in zope.component too.

Frankly, I don't care that I had to create alternative ZCML directives.  This
was, and is, and always will have been, the right thing to do.  In fact, the
only thing preventing Grok or anyone else from using the stuff created out of
that effort wholesale (repoze.zcml) is the *brand*.  I don't care about
Zope-the-brand anymore, I just care about Zope-the-technologies.  Why would the
fact that this more reasonable set of directives is not named Zope anymore
matter?  What about that whole situation was not a win?

> When I brought up the issue of trying to improve zope.component 
> recently, I got a lot of divergent feedback and nothing happened. It'd 
> be nice if instead such energy instead resulted in a concrete set of 
> actions.

I didn't participate because I had already scratched that particular itch.  I
created something that *everyone* can use; it might not be named Zope, so be it.

- C

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