Roger Ineichen wrote:

> Does grok need to register this new adapter somewhere?
> If the adapter configuration is missing the default skin
> apply pattern will break.

As long as zope.publisher's configure.zcml does it, Grok will load that 
up. Grok isn't different in that respect; it only uses Grok-style 
registration in packages that explicitly use grok or grokcore.* libraries.

It's quite possible Grok can start using some of your changes for its 
REST skin implementation (which do apply to IBrowserRequest), though I'm 
not 100% sure.

I'm trying to understand why the default default skin cannot be 
registered as an interface, instead of the introduction of an adapter. 
Is this because defaultSkin can only be used for IBrowserRequest?

I think you need to update the upgrade notes in zope3docs too to point 
out this change. If there is anything people should change to their 
code, you need to explain how to find what needs to be changed and what 
change to make. You need to at least warn them that something big 
changed if they get problems with their skins and point them to 
zope.publisher's changelog.

I'll also note that this is *not* a minor bugfix release of 
zope.publisher, so it should be 3.6 not 3.5.7. Also don't use 'dev' 
markers in CHANGES.txt; only in



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