Shane Hathaway wrote:
> Roger Ineichen wrote:
>> Shane,
>> Can you review and merge this changes into your 
>> zope.pipeline branch?
> I'm going to put zope.pipeline on hold until the PyCon sprints.  Jim and 
> I need to discuss it in person; hopefully then I can understand his 
> opposition and the group can decide on the best direction for 
> zope.publisher and

You should certainly talk to Jim if you think it will help you.

But do note that Jim cannot be blocking your work anymore with a veto. 
In order to get this to be part of the Zope Framework, you'd need to 
convince the Zope Framework Steering Group, not Jim.

I do think it's extremely bad if Jim's opposition can block all of your 
work on this project, which you were quite enthusiastic about before, 
for a whole month! This is exactly the sort of situation we want to 
avoid under our new system.

As a Zope Framework Steering Group member I am quite supportive of your 
work, as reading your code already I have a much better sense of what's 
going on than I ever did with the standard publishing stack, so you got 
1 out of 3 on board already.



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