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Gary Poster wrote:

> (http://pypi.python.org/pypi/eggtestinfo)
> I skimmed the docs, but they were written generically, so I couldn't  
> confirm: Tres, is this the thing that lets you run ``setup.py test``  
> against zope.testing, if you configure it properly?  The last example  
> seemed like that was it.

At the moment, our testing story can't use things like 'tests_require',
etc., because they are only known at the time 'setup()' runs.
eggtestinfo addresses this problem by writing introspectable metadata
into the "egg info" directory:  this information derives from the
various testing-related arguments passed to 'setup()'.

I worked some on getting ZODB / transaction etc. to run at least most of
their tests from 'setup.py test' (those which don't require layer
setup).  The last example shows the metadata from a package which uses
the new 'test_loader' I wrote for this purpose.

I also added another setuptools plugin to 'zope.testing', to allow
running all tests via 'setup.py ftests'.

> If so, +1 on getting this into zope.testing, or at least this pattern  
> into our standard ways of writing tests.  IME, that's what non-Zope  
> Python developers expect (as Tres has argued before).  It's a small  
> thing, but would get the non-Zope Python developer's experience off on  
> the right foot.
> Tres, you've obviously done the research here to know: can we easily  
> change zope.testing to make that story work?  Or would you say that  
> eggtestinfo is still a better/easier way to go about it, at least for  
> now?

Somebody likely needs to extend zc.buildout (or a recipe?) to use the
information generated by 'eggtestinfo' when building testrunner scripts.
 My zc.buildout-fu is pretty weak at this point :(.

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