Andreas Jung wrote:
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> On 16.03.2009 1:17 Uhr, Martin Aspeli wrote:
>> Andreas Jung wrote:
>>> As mentioned earlier: use buildout. easy_install support has no high
>>> priority right now.
>> Whilst I understand that we don't have the capacity to test all 
>> different configurations now, I think it's a good principle to try to 
>> avoid a 'hard' dependency on zc.buildout. If we can, we should rely on 
>> e.g. setuptools console scripts rather than things generated through 
>> specific recipes.
>> Of course, this is just part of an evolution. 'mkzopeinstance' was a 
>> completely custom build solution. Using a standard zc.buildout 
>> configuration is better, imho, than maintaining a custom build script. 
>> But using just setuptools/eggs and letting buildout be a preference 
>> rather than a hard dependency is better still.
> hmm.? The easy_install approach was working at the time when we released
> a1 some weeks ago. So there must be a small problem causing the issue.
> In fact "easy_install Zope2" acts like "configure; make" and will create
> bin/mkzopeinstance and all the other stuff within out Python
> environment. We will also check about having the traditional source-dist
> containing everything..but we are at alpha 1 right now.

That's excellent - I didn't know that we were so far along. :)


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