Hi Michael

> Betreff: Re: AW: [Checkins] SVN: z3c.layer.pagelet/trunk/ 
> Removed dependency on``zope.app.security`` by using the new 
> packages``zope.authentication`` and ``zope.principalregistry``.
> Am 15.03.2009 um 23:47 schrieb Roger Ineichen:
> > Hi Michael
> >
> > Can you explain why you implemented the login viewlets?
> The login in zope.app.security is implemented using browser 
> pages and metal-macros and is not really customizable. I 
> needed a login/logout which works fine with pagelets and 
> behaves like the one in zope.app.security as I think 
> zope.app.security was not implemented so badly.
> > What does this viewlets have to do with the pagelet layer?
> It's a pagelet implementation of login/logout, so I thought 
> it matches the goal of this package very well.

Yes and No. It's of corse usefull to have predefined login
views available. But I use a z3c.form based implementation
for this. Which means I don't need them. Everything else 
in z3c.layer.pagelet is needed by everyone. Otherwise the
pagelet pattern doesn't work.

This let me think that everything which is not needed by default
in z3c.layer.pagelet should go to another package because it's
only optional. Then z3c.layer.pagelet is only a base implmentation
for make pagelet working and is used in other packages as mixin.

> > I think they are very project specific and should go to an explicit 
> > package which offers login viewlets.
> I'm not sure about this, as the implementation as adopted 
> from the one in zope.app.security. I don't think the one in 
> zope.app.security is project specific. But I might be wrong.

I think that's right.

> > The pagelet layer has nothing to do with such explicit 
> > implementations. The z3c.layer.pagelet package offers only 
> the minimum 
> > setup for make pagelets traversable and offers error handling etc.
> My implementation does not even require new dependencies.  
> ``zope.authentication`` and ``zope.principalregistry`` where 
> split out from zope.app.security to reduce dependencies.
> > What do you think, can we move your viewlet part into 
> another package 
> > which is based on z3c.layer.pagelet or probably on 
> z3c.layer.ready2go 
> > which uses the pagelet layer too?
> It could be an idea to add it to z3c.layer.ready2go which 
> currently only contains some interfaces. But a completely new 
> package seems a bit overkill to me.

Ok, sounds good to me. I'll take a closer look at that
and let you know if I change something.

Roger Ineichen

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