I'm okay with using launchpad more, though I do think we shouldn't 
underestimate the power of a mailbox (I use gmane and a newsreader 
myself :) and a document with decisions recorded. People can simply 
bring up an issue again if it hasn't resolved itself, after all. I 
really don't want people to have to struggle through launchpad just to 
bring up an issue.

Anyway, if the steering group wants launchpad to be used more, we'll 
have to get specific.

Steering group members can do in two ways:

* put issues in launchpad ourselves.

* we suggest to people to put *particular* issues in launchpad during 
discussions here.

This will work much better than general calls to use launchpad. :)

One question is what launchpad project we should use.

The current launchpad is for "Zope 3". The steering group isn't about 
Zope 3. It's about a whole bunch of libraries. Creating a separate 
launchpad project for each library in the framework seems like a bit of 
overkill at this stage, though it would please those people who come at 
us at the perspective from libraries the most.

For now, I propose we create a launchpad project "zopeframework" and 
file bugs there. If a particular component such as zope.component gets a 
lot of traffic by itself, we'll open up a project for that as well (and 
issues can be assigned to two projects).

Christian, can you create a zopeframework project in launchpad? Let it 
be nice and empty so there's no past we have to worry about. Mining 
through the current Zope 3 issues is a project all by itself.



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