Previously Chris Withers wrote:
> Paul Winkler wrote:
> > Well, yeah. The point of the suggestion was specifically to help you
> > get more info about the dependency chain, since pip is more verbose
> > about that than easy_install is.
> Well, running buildout -vvvvv gives some good clues, a piece of which is 
> this:
> Getting required ''
>    required by 3.5.1.
>    required by 3.6.0.
>    required by 3.6.0.
> We have the best distribution that satisfies ''.
> Picked: = 3.7.0
> Okay, cute, but WHY is 3.7.0 being picked, rather than the 3.6.0 that's 
> nailed down in zope2 2.12.0a1's!

Because buildout is not installing the Zope2 at that point, so it is not
using any version pins defined by the Zope2 egg. That is a design flaw
in setuptools at the moment: it works package-by-package instead of
trying to figure out what the final target working set should look like.


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