Andreas Jung wrote:
>> *This* part needs some fixing, largely because Jim's role their is an
>> artifact of ZC's role, now lapsed, as custodians.  At a minimum, there
>> should be a group (I suggest the zope-web regulars) who can take over
>> the maintenance of that application.   A *different* group should have
>> the role of collecting / approving the committer access requests.

They'll end up being the same group pretty quickly, volunteers are thin 
on the ground :-/

> I agree that this part definitely needs to be fixed. I updated the
> developer documentation in order to point to the foundations's about
> page as primary contact (suggested by Jens):
> (possibly not reflecting my changes made to the reST documents in SVN
> right now).

I did some cleanup on these docs this afternoon, including removing a 
couple of references to the (now removed) account.php script.



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