Tres Seaver wrote:
>> - the web front end is ancient and not as good as other options (Trac, 
>> WebSVN)
> Fixing the web front-end should be a matter for the zope-web list.

The zope-web list is pretty dead...

>> So I thought I'd ask what the plans are now that the foundation owns all 
>> the Zope IP (has this happened yet or am I imagining things?)
> The foundation now owns the copyrights.  Trademarks are still in other
> hands.

This is why I was cc'ing in the foundation list, there is relevant stuff 
for the foundation group in this discussion...

>> The other option would be to follow Python and move to Mercurial, but 
>> that has the same problems for me as with Bzr (no decent gui tools, less 
>> mature, etc) although it's a toolset I'll have to learn at some point 
>> anyway...
> +1 to sticking with svn+ssh for write requests.
> - -1 to non-pubkey-based authentication for write requests.

ParseError: what does the above line mean?

> +1 to making svn-over-http read-only checkouts work.
> - -1 to switching away from svn, at least until the Python developers have
> some experience with the transition (I would wait at least 6 months).

ParseError: what does the above line mean?


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