Shane Hathaway wrote:
 > Hanno Schlichting wrote:
 >> Wichert Akkerman wrote:
 >>> I'ld rather not see a whole slew of extra packagse appear. I also  
 >>> how the extra number of packages and increasing size of sys.path
 >>> influence performance and restrictions on environments like GAE.
 >> For environments like GAE you don't want setuptools and its magic  
to be
 >> part of your application. This is were repackaging your entire app  
 >> one zipped egg or some other flat structure comes in handy.
 >> Setuptools and eggs are a distribution format from my point of view.
 >> They are certainly not the best way to deploy your applications. The
 >> growing sys.path is affecting performance to some degree in all
 >> deployment environments.
 > Well, zc.buildout ought to be able to eliminate this concern for GAE
 > deployment.  I haven't tried the recipe below, but it certainly seems
 > like the right idea.
 > http://pypi.python.org/pypi/rod.recipe.appengine

I released a new version today. It's a lot easier now to use several  
eggs within gae. This test thingy http://zpttest.appspot.com/ uses  
zope.interface and zope.pagetemplate plus their dependencies. I'm  
planning to release another sample project maybe during easter  
holidays. It's much more fun since you zope people cleaned up a lot of  
dependencies and unveiled zc.buildout. Thanks!

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