Hanno Schlichting wrote:
>> I've running with a develop copy of the Zope 2 trunk.
> Which doesn't include a develop version of Acquisition. Acquisition is
> its own package.

Ah, okay, I'll pop Acquisition into develop and test before the end of 
this email ;-)

>> This has include/Acquisition, but is that actually being used?
>> If not, then why is it included like that?
> These are only the header files of Acquisition. Some of the C extensions
> of the Zope2 egg depend on those headers.

Liar! ;-)

If that were true then this wouldn't happened:

ch...@server2:~/zope$ svn up Zope2/

Fetching external item into 'Zope2/include/Acquisition'
U    Zope2/include/Acquisition/_Acquisition.c
U    Zope2/include/Acquisition/tests.py
Updated external to revision 99199.

>> If so, then how do I get it to recompile now that I've svn up'ed my Zope 
>> 2 trunk to get Andreas' changes?
> You need to check out Acquisition from its SVN trunk and include it into
> your environment (develop line in buildout or "python setup.py
> develop"). Forcing a recompilation of C extensions works via the normal
> "python setup.py build_ext -i -f"

...how would I force recompilation in a buildout environment?


PS: It worked, please could you roll the new acquisition egg and update 
the required version on the Zope 2 trunk?

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