Yusei TAHARA wrote:
> BTW, what do you think of zope.app.form? As far as I know, it has some
> basic interfaces like IInputWidget and IDisplayWidget, and they are used
> by various packages. Then I don't see any reason to leave them under
> zope.app.form. So, I think maybe we could also move them to zope.form or
> somewhere generic package after we finish zmi package.

I think we should consider reorganizing everything in zope.app.form 
(including zope.app.form.browser) at some point. The widgets in 
zope.app.form.browser could be called "zope.formlibwidgets" or something 
like that (better name would be nice). I'm not sure where the interfaces 
in zope.app.form should go though - zope.form sounds a bit generic, and 
there is a competing form framework in z3c.form - things might be 
confusing. Perhaps we can simply move these interfaces to zope.formlib?

zope.app.form.browser also contains the old ZML directives 
implementation to create forms using ZCML directivess, so we could leave 
them in zope.app.form.browser

Thanks for your feedback!



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