Hey Fabio,

Thanks again for coming back on this, this is quite encouraging.

Fabio Tranchitella wrote:
> I've just checked out that the domain zope3.org is not owned by the Zope
> Corporation. Do you have any idea about it? Would it be possible to claim
> it back?

I don't know, unfortunately.

> I'm thinking about taking over maintenance of zope3 in the wider term (not
> only maintaining the code, but also the community around it).

I might've missed your statement on this before, but do you think you 
could work with a renamed Zope 3? The same technology but with a 
different name? We could easily create a 'foo.zope.org' for it just like 
we have 'grok.zope.org', or we could of course start with a new domain name.

I think a fresh take on Zope 3 would help focus the efforts as well, and 
perhaps dumping the conceptual baggage would help attract new users and 
developers. But this discussions is fraught with danger. :)

> To be honest, zope3 (as it is today) is a nice platform for me and for my
> company to build web applications (and, in general, the ZCA is a nice
> platform for building not-only-web applications), and it would be a shame
> to loose it.

The ZCA is well in hand and I hope it's going to do better than ever, 
managed as part of the Zope Toolkit project. I hope we'll eventually 
gain improved documentation describing it too, right there on zope.org.

 > To make explicit: I am not talking just about maintaining the ZMI, I'm
 > talking about making zope3 a *real* user-friendly web framework, as
 > (for example) grok is already right now.

Very cool! So, what about the name? Open to a change?



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