Hi Roger,

Thank you very much for your comment, and sorry for my late reply.
I did not receive your post I don't know why...

> > Betreff: Re: [Zope-dev] People in the "Zope 3" and "ZMI" teams
> > 
> > Hi,
> > 
> > I just start working on maintaining ZMI and make it optional package.
> > For now, it is easy to participate, just porting zope.app.* 
> > (I already list up targets as directories in zmi.core) and 
> > make sure that existing tests succeeds.
> Can you tell a little bit about what you mean with tests succeed?
> Should the test in the existing package succeed? But this whould
> mean that the old packages we move the zmi parts from needs to depend
> on the new zmi.core package.
> Should the old zope.app.* package depend on the new zmi.core package?
> (I think not)

No. But zmi.core might depend on zope.app.* packages.

> Or should we break BBB and let people know that they have to install
> zmi.core for zmi support? (I think so)

I won't break BBB as much as possible, at least I'd like to keep persistent 
data compatibility...

> If so, then the test should succeed in the new zmi.core packages, right?

Yes, my intention was to make sure that after we copy files from zope.app.* to 
then existing tests which were originally in zope.app.* have to work in 

> Can you write down some comment how we sould do the refactoring
> like:
> - move the zmi part from a zope.app.* package to
>   the new zmi.core.* package.


> - make sure the test pass in both packages. The zmi
>   test should all get moved to the new zmi.core.* package
>   Probably enhance the tests since the zmi part was not very 
>   well tested.


> - release the zmi.core package after each package move
>   or at least before the zope.app.* package get released
> - bump up the zope.app.* package version (full not partial)
>   e.g. 3.5.1 to 3.6.0

Hmm, I'm not sure yet...

> Not sure if the above is correct. Please change if not.
> It is at least only correct if we break BBB and move the zmi
> completly out of all zope.app packages to zmi.core.
> And probably we should also implement a testing layer setup
> which all test in zmi.core can share/use.

Sounds good idea.

For now, I don't have clear image yet. I'm checking all zope.app.* packages and 
sure all tests pass. And maybe I will review current package dependencies.
After that, I will copy zmi parts to zmi.core one by one. I'm sorry but I'm 
very slow
for some reasons, I cannot make an exact schedule yet.

Best regards,
Yusei TAHARA <yu...@domen.cx>
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